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Student Success Everywhere

Student Success Everywhere

Here, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our current and former students both in and out of the classroom. Our students excel academically, earn top honors and scholarships, and contribute significantly through research and leadership. Beyond academics, they thrive in their careers, community service, entrepreneurship, and creative pursuits.

Explore inspiring stories of students transforming education into impactful careers, leading community projects, and pursuing their passions. Celebrate these exceptional individuals and see how the Bright Success Center can help you achieve your dreams. Success truly is everywhere, starting here.


De'Zhane Brown-Churchill
As a new alumni of UC Merced, De'Zhane majored in Psychology and is from San Bernardino, CA. During her time here, she took part in Psychology Club, and did research within the Psychology Department. She shined bright with co-founding Black Student Coalition in 2022 with the idea of creating a safe space for black students at UC Merced with an emphasis on mental health. They helped spread awareness for black queer women in leadership spaces.


Mariel Garcia
As a fourth year at UC Merced, Mariel majors in Management & Business Economics. She currently serves as the president of the Professional Fraternity Council at UC Merced where she oversees 7 professional fraternity chapters. She also currently works with Undocumented Student Services at the Monarch Center!


Letha Jarman
Letha is a third year majoring in Psychology. She currently serves as the President of Black Student Coalition, an organization that emphasizes creating a safe space for black students at UC Merced. Outside of academics, they have evenf featured in Amazon Prime's "College Tour" to highlight her experiences in leadership!


Brianna Rubio
Brianna is currently a fourth year Psychology major with a minor in Public Health. Brianna is a first generation student, and she has described her journey by saying "The Monarch Center has strengthened my leadership skills, and I have become more outgoing! I love working here because I can help undocumented students who don't have the same resources as someone else might have, it brings joy to me!"


Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith, a recent graduate of UC Merced, majored in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, and is from Downey, CA. During his time here he took part in ASUCM as the Commissioner of Diversity, and he conducted research in the Sociology Department. He co-founded the Black Student Coalition with the idea of Creating a safe space for black students at UC Merced with an emphasis on mental health. Post Graduation he is pursuing his master's degree in Global Communications with a fashion track in Paris, France.