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Welcome to the Calvin E. Bright Success Center!

Calvin E. Bright Success Center at Disneyland
During Spring Break, the Calvin E. Bright Success Center has field trips from places ranging from Disneyland to New York or Hawaii!
Success Mentor Program
One of the BSC's many programs, the Success Mentor Program seeks to empower students to develop strategies and skills through one-on-one mentoring.
Services for Undoc Services Student Staff
The Monarch Center, located at KL 127, helps empower undocumented students to achieve success through higher education!
Summer 2024 New Student Orientation Team
The New Student Orientation Team works hard every summer to welcome all new students to the University of California, Merced community!
Fiat Lux
The Fiat Lux Scholars Program is a four-year, invitation-only program for income-eligible, first-generation undergraduate scholars at the University of California, Merced.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Calvin E. Bright Success Center (BSC) is to work hard to make sure that every scholar feels as if they belong at the University of California, Merced and have the resources to thrive academically, personally, and professionally! We provide opportunities and co-curricular experiences that aid students in enhancing their knowledge of university resources, academic and personal growth/ development, and advocacy and access. Through intentional collaborations and program delivery, we focus on overcoming barriers and celebrating academic milestones.

Contact Information

Location: Kolligian Library, Room 222


Phone: (209) 228-7252

Fax: (209) 228-4017

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