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Online Workshops

BSC Online Workshops

The Bright Success Center offers multiple workshops in a multitude of mediums that meet the needs of our students. These workshops aim to help students through academic and life endeavors while being as accessible as possible.

Online Learning Support & COVID-19 Response

Students, to support your transition to UCM the Bright Success Center has added an additional four workshops designed to help you make the most of your online learning experience.

Online Learning Workshop Topics

  • 10 Tips for Success in Your Online Course
  • Effectively Communicating Online
  • Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined
  • Taking Tests Online: Strategies for Success

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The Bright Success Center, through Innovative Educators, is offering 12 online learning workshops for all UC Merced students. These on-demand workshops are designed to help students get the most out of their university experience and prepare them for the academic rigor of the University of California. The online workshops are being offered as a supplement to the on-going workshops offered through the Bright Success Center and are accessible anytime.


These workshops are about 30 minutes in length, be sure you have the time to get through the entire workshop. In addition, these workshops use audio and have accompanying documents - be sure to take them where you can hear the audio and access these resources to get the most out of your workshop! Transcripts for each workshop are available once you log-in.

Online Workshop Titles:

  • 10 Habits of Mind for College Success
  • Discover Your Learning Style
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key to Academic Success
  • Exam Preparation Tips and Test-Taking Strategies
  • Handling Failure In & Out of the Classroom
  • Improving Student-Faculty Relationships
  • Overcoming Procrastination - Causes & Cures
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Study Tips and Note-Taking Strategies
  • Success Strategies for First Generation Students
  • Time Management - Strategies for Success
  • What it Takes to Be a Successful Student

Completing the Mid Semester Workshop Requirement?
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