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Stem Cell Engineering and Biology Program Hosts First Symposium

May 16, 2024

In April, the Training Undergraduates in Stem Cell Engineering and Biology (TUSCEB) program marked a significant milestone toward its mission of fostering excellence in stem cell engineering and biology education by hosting its first symposium.

“As the cornerstone of our TUSCEB program, this symposium highlighted the specialized stem cell training and biological research activities of our trainees,” said program Co-Director Professor Kara McCloskey.

TUSCEB is a collaborative effort between UC Merced’s School of Natural Sciences and School of Engineering.

The program’s first cohort of scholars showcased their research projects through engaging poster presentations. This platform served as a demonstration of their hard work and dedication and facilitated meaningful interactions with peers, faculty members, industry professionals and community members.

The symposium also offered a comprehensive educational experience through a series of foundational talks — from an insightful exploration into the world of stem cells to a detailed overview of the TUSCEB program by McCloskey and Co-Director Professor Jennifer Manilay.

Attendees were enriched with knowledge crucial for navigating the complex landscape of stem cell engineering and biology. The highlight of the event was a talk on medical ethics by guest speaker philosophy Professor Hanna Gunn, whose expertise shed light on ethical considerations in the pursuit of groundbreaking scientific endeavors.

“Our TUSCEB Symposium was not only a showcase of academic achievements, but a testament to our unwavering dedication toward shaping the next generation of leaders in regenerative medicine,” Manilay said.