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How to View the Insight Schedule

Click on day view for a block style calendar, or month view for a listing. The search box will allow you to search for subject information such as Math, Writing, or Physics (phys), but will not sort for individual course numbers. Always clear the search when finished, and the day view listing of sessions will appear. All sessions listed on the schedule are small or large group sessions. Please follow special instructions for sessions listed as RSVP.

Occasionally, other workshops will be posted on the calendar.

Open Sessions--Currently not available

PALS schedules large or small group sessions on the schedule. Most sessions are open, so students can walk in anytime. Check schedule often as changes do occur. Note day/time/room and attend at will.

Center Approach

Learning Support for multiple related courses/subjects are held during a specified block of time. Timeframes are usually two hour blocks, and attendance is generally between 5-15 students.

Types of Sessions--Currently Unavailable

Online Learning Support

In Spring 2017, PALS launched its online platform, PeerTutors. Go online from anywhere to get learning support on a day/time that works for you. Individual sessions are focused and typically 30 minutes in duration. Visit and create an account to view subjects offered, Learning Assistants (LA), and scheduling options.

Hosted/Review Sessions--Unavailable

Hosted learning sessions are headed by a trained Learning Assistant. PALS will host a learning session for courses/campus programs by request (per LA and subject availability). There will be a required minimum of 10 students/clients to book--minimum of 72 hours advance notice; each session will be from 50-100 minutes long. Submit a Hosted/RSVP request form »

RSVP/Review Sessions For Students--Currently Uavailable (However, instructors can request them--see above)

RSVP (Responde si vous plait (French)), which means 'Respond if you please'; the host needs to know if you will be attending). These are learning sessions headed by a trained LA, which can be reserved in advance by student/campus groups/clubs/organizations, and are subject to availability. There will be a required minimum of five students/clients before booking. The service will be limited to two RSVP sessions (50 minutes) per month per group.

Study Sessions for Upper Division Support--Unavailable

These Study Sessions provide students with access to peers who have been successful in specific Upper Division courses. They will provide support that is difficult to acquire if you are struggling in an upper division course. Sessions will offer specific skill sets for in-demand upper division courses. Sessions will be held by Learning Assistants or Academic Support Fellows ((ASF) DARTS Program). See schedule for availability.

PeerTutor Appointments--Unavailable

Students will be able make a appointments for a limited number of courses. These are, typically, a one-to-one arrangement, but up to three students may attend. Individual appointments can be made through our new online platform--choose the "meet in person" option. Choose the subject, then the Learning Assistant, and within 24-48 hours, there will be an email confirmation and room assignment: Student must acknowledge receipt of that email to confirm the appointment. These appointments will be limited to once a week per student, and sessions will be 30 minutes. These sessions are very focused, so prepare questions or come with a specific problem/issue for the appointment. Students are responsible for attending sessions once an appointment is made. Twenty-four hours notice is the minimum for requesting or canceling an appointment; it is the student's responsibility to cancel any appointment that cannot be attended. Failure to do this may result in privileges being revoked.

Graduate Writing Consultant

From Fall 2013-Spring 2015, as a collaboration between Bright Success Center and Graduate Student Services, the Graduate Writing Consultant service was offered to all graduate level students. The focus was on writing - developing academic, research, and professional writing in all subject areas. Individual appointments were available to discuss writing needs, focus, direction, style and modes such as writing for journals, publication, and grant proposals. This service is no longer available; please inquire if you need services.


Karen Linam, Coordinator
University of California, Merced
Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS)
5200 N. Lake Road
Merced, CA 95343
209-228 4342