Mid Semester Workshops

Mid-semester workshops are designed to provide support and resources to students who are experiencing academic difficulty.  Online mid-semester workshops are comprised of  a self-assessment, selecting and viewing an online workshop, and completing the follow up assignment.

You must successfully complete the following 3 components in order to have the mid-semester workshop hold removed:

  1. Complete the online self-assessment.  This assessment will help you identify issues that may be impacting your academic success
  2. Complete one online learning workshop.  These workshops will focus on strategies that will help you improve your grade. You will be able to choose from 8 topics. Therefore, you will be able to find a workshop that will best fit your needs.  Note: You must create an account to access the workshops.
  3. Successfully complete the follow up assignment

Successful completion of these requirements will result in the removal of the hold on your account so you can register for spring semester courses. Please allow 3 business days for holds to be released.


If you would like more information or resources about specific topics, use the links below to visit the following pages:


Workshop 1:    10/20 9-10am in SAAC 209  (Cap. 64)   Topic: Time Management by James Barnes

Workshop 2:   10/23 12-1 pm in SAAC 209  (Cap. 64)  Topic:  Office Hours 101

by Michelle Greenwood (should have the topic tomorrow).

Workshop 3:  11/1 4-5 pm in SAAC 219  (Cap. 65)   Academic Motivation by James Barnes

In-Person Workshop Calendar

You are welcome to attend any of the workshops on the calendar; however, the three workshops below are designed for students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

Workshop 1:    10/20 9-10am in SAAC 209 Topic: Time Management

Workshop 2:   10/23 12-1 pm in SAAC 209 Topic: Office Hours 101

Workshop 3:  11/1 4-5 pm in SAAC 219 Academic Motivation