Undeclared Advising

Academic Advising for Undeclared Students

Academic Advisors in the Bright Success Center, and across UC Merced, are an embodiment of UC Merced's pursuit of the most effective student aid and empowerment. Our advisors care about students as people, encouraging and facilitating academic and personal growth by listening, learning and helping. Academic advisors can help you plan your future, deal with grades or registration, or listen in on something you might want to say. Each student has a specific advisor specialized for your individual major. Students are strongly encouraged to educate themselves on the policies regarding UC Merced's academics, the UC Merced General Catalog, and to know and fulfill the requirements for graduation. Below, you'll find a collection of resources and policies that help you on your road to success.


More About Academic Advising...

UC Merced and the Bright Success Center have always put student aid and services above all else - and our team of advisors are a prime example. Find out all about how we can help you succeed!

Resources We've gathered a selection of learning tools for your learning endeavors; whether you just need a nudge to catch back up or are looking to get an edge in the class.
Policies Learn more about the policies and rules that govern university academic life here at UC Merced and how they affect you and your undergraduate studies.
FAQ Have a question for us?  Find out if it's already been answered - check our Frequently Asked Questions section!