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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my enrollment appointment time determined?

Access to registration (via MyUCMerced) is by priority groups. The groups are established according to student class level as determined by the number of units completed, with the seniors having the highest registration priority and freshmen retaining the lowest. The number of semester units a student has completed determines undergraduate classification:

Class Level Units
Freshmen 0.0 units - 29.9 units
Sophomore 30.0 units - 59.9 units
Junior 60.0 units - 89.9 units
Senior 90.0 units or more

What if I can't attend school full-time?

If, for reasons of occupation, family responsibility, health or graduating senior status (one term only), a student is unable to attend the university on a full-time basis, he/she may qualify for enrollment in part-time status. The student must file for part-time status each semester. To be considered eligible, undergraduate students must be registered for 10 units (including workload units) or fewer by the 10th day of instruction that semester.

Minimum progress requirements are waived for approved part-time students. Undergraduate petitions are available on the Registrar's website. Students approved for enrollment on a part-time basis pay the same fees as full-time students, but pay only one-half of the Educational Fee. Part-time nonresidents pay one-half of the Nonresident Tuition Fee.

Can I take classes elsewhere while enrolled at UC Merced?

With the exception of current registered students participating in the UC/CSU/Community College Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment Program, a student may not obtain transfer credit for courses at a non-University of California campus in a term during which the student is registered as a full-time student at UC Merced. An exception can be obtained only by petitioning the appropriate dean of the college or school well in advance of the desired registration, and the student must still be enrolled in at least 12 units at the UC Merced campus during the term in which the exception applies.

How do I change classes after school begins?

You can add, drop, or switch class sections online via MyUCMerced. You can add classes or switch sections online until the end of the first week of instruction. You can drop classes online until the end of the third week of instruction. After each respective deadline, you need a Course Additions and Changes form with the signatures of your school dean and the course instructor. We suggest you visit with an Academic Advisor before switching from one class to another.

How do I change my major?

Change of major forms are available in the Student Advising and Learning Center, at the Students First Center, and online from the Registrar's website. It is recommended that you consult your current advisor and the advisor of the major you wish to pursue before switching majors. The petitions requires four signatures: two from your former and current advisor, and two your former and current dean. Completed petitions will be accepted by the Students First Center until the end of third week.

I have a hold on my registration. What do I do?

The first thing you need to do is determine the source of the hold. If contact information is provided, contact the office responsible for the hold. If there is no contact information, please contact Students First Center at 209-381-6990 or visit them on the first floor of the west wing in the Kolligian Library. Be ready to show your CatCard whenever you inquire about your UC Merced student records.

Can I take Summer School?

In most circumstances, the answer is yes. However, you should consult an Academic Advisor before signing up for summer courses to ensure that you take the right course and that you will get the result you're looking for upon completion of the class (ie. units, grades, requirements fulfilled, etc). When you are ready to talk to your advisor about summer school, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the title of the course I want to take?
  • Where do I want to take it? (e.g. community college, CSU, UC)
  • Am I taking this class for interest or to fulfill a school/major requirement?
  • Do I need to a letter grade for this course?

For more information, visit our Summer Sessions page.

Why isn't my community college course showing up on my transcript?

Grades from community college courses do not transfer to UC schools and will not be factored into your GPA. Only courses from other UC schools will be factored into your GPA. For this reason, if you wish to repeat a class you took at UC Merced in which you received a D+ or below by taking it at another institution, it must be at another UC school. Also, please consult your Academic Advisor before you attempt to take a course for your major at a community college, as courses for your major usually require a letter grade.

I need tutoring but don't see my class listed. What can I do?

Ask your professor if he or she could recommend a student who would be qualified to tutor you. If you know that there are several students in the class besides yourself who need tutoring, ask the professor to recommend this student for a tutoring position with the Bright Success Center. Professors can recommend students to be tutors by contacting the Tutor Coordinator at 209-228-4342 or by emailing Karen Linam (

How do I become a tutor?

Becoming a tutor is a good way to help others and give back to the Bobcat community. Visit our Student Employment page for more information.

How do I run an audit as an Undeclared student?

MyDegreePath is a very useful tool for seeing how far you are in pursuing your degree and for consulting with your academic advisor. To run an audit while you are undeclared, "Select a Different Program" is in place to simulate your projected major.

  1. Login via MyUCMerced, select "MyDegreePath" under Student Services menu.
  2. Check out these instructions for step-by-step help navigating MyDegreePath. 

I've been academically dismissed from UC Merced. What do I do now?

We understand that the dismissal process can be stressful and frustrating. The purpose of dismissal is to give students the push they need to build their study skills and be able to mature at a community college, so they are not deepening their academic probation. In addition, dismissal is often to prevent a student from becoming financially unstable - either by preventing them from paying for units they are not earning, or from losing financial aid that may be helping them attend the UC. Please understand that dismissal is not at all a punishment, but, rather, an opportunity for you to reflect, improve academic skills, modify goals, and adjust learning patterns before returning to a UC education.

It's easy to return to UC Merced by meeting the Reinstatement Criteria, and we look forward to having you return after two semesters.

What Now?

  1. Enroll at a community college by going to their online website. Find out the first day of instruction.
  2. Meet with an Academic Advisor at the community college for help selecting courses. You may need to bring your UC Merced transcripts to show your course placement (available through your MyUCMerced portal).
  3. Add the community college school code to your current online FASFA ad meet with their Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for additional document submission.
  4. Go to the Career Center at the community college and take the career/major assessments.
  5. Contact UC Merced's program for Degree Attainment for Transfer & Returning Students (DARTS). This program is designed to help dismissed students get the support they need in order to return to UCM and finish their degree.

Reinstatement: Returning to UC Merced

You must be reinstated in a major and you cannot return as undeclared. Follow the reinstatement instructions for the major you plan to declare. From this point forward, you should discuss a reinstatement plan with the UC Merced Academic Advisor for your major. Some helpful links include our UC Merced Reinstatement Policy, UC Merced equivalency courses and the Academic Advising page. Please note that returning to UC Merced might place you with a different academic advisor, it would be beneficial to find yours.

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