Academic Advising | Campus Policies

Academic Advising | Campus Policies

Majors and General Education

If you are entering college and you are not sure what major to choose, you are not alone! There are approximately 700 students at UC Merced who are Undeclared. Freshmen entering college are not expected to know which of the vast amounts of occupations available they want to dedicate themselves to, and being Undeclared is a good medium while you explore yourself and your passions. Learn More »

Summer Courses

Taking courses during the Summer provides a definite edge in getting ahead on or catching up to your academic goals. Summer courses can be taken here at UC Merced, at Community Colleges around California, and even at CSUs or ther UCs. Learn More »

Transfer Credit

Grades from Community Colleges do not transfer to UC Merced. Repeating courses at the community college that you initially failed at UC Merced will not replace your failed grade. However, you will receive subject credit. In addition, your UC Merced GPA will not increase if you take courses at a community college. Community colleges only offer lower division courses. Learn More »

De-Majored Information

The purpose of the de-majoring process is to save students who would have otherwise been dismissed from UC Merced. The de-majored program is for freshman and sophomore students who are struggling in their declared major and will benefit from the opportunity to become undeclared.Learn More »

Academic Policies

Learn about the academic policies that govern life at UC Merced. Learn More »

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