Undeclared Newsletter

Undeclared Digest

Undeclared Digest is an online newsletter series aimed at students who have undeclared majors. The Undeclared Digest is authored at the Bright Success Center and is full of important and knowledgeable tips and advice - and it's all free! When a new issue is released, it is emailed directly to UC Merced email addresses of undeclared students, be sure to catch each issue!


Issue Published Topics
Volume 1 | Issue 2 November 2012 Meet Jae Jae, the new advisor!
Volume 1 | Issue 3 December 2012 Not Returning? Absence/Widthrawal.
Volume 2 | Issue 1 February 2013 Planning for Summer!
Volume 2 | Issue 2 May 2013 Making your Summer Productive.
Volume 3 | Issue 1 October 2013 Meeting a Peer Advisor!

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