Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

ASSIST Articulation Website:

Different colleges will categorize their courses differently.  As such, one important step of transfer courses is finding course equivalency via

  1. Go to
  2. In the first drop down box select the community college you wish to attend.
  3. In the second drop down box select University of California, Merced.
  4. In the drop down box under By Department at: University of California, Merced choose the area of study of the course you wish to take.
  5. Courses on the left of the grid are UC Merced courses and the courses on the right of the grid are the equivalent courses at the community college.

When taking transfer courses that are listed on ASSIST, there is no need to get any pre-approval.

Grades from Community Colleges do not transfer to UC Merced. Repeating courses at the community college that you initially failed at UC Merced will not replace your failed grade. However, you will receive subject credit. In addition, your UC Merced GPA will not increase if you take courses at a community college. Community colleges only offer lower division courses.

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