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Major Information

Entering Undeclared

If you are one of about 700 students that enter UC Merced every year as "Undeclared," fear not!  Being undeclared is not a bad thing, and it is normal not to know what to dedicate your studies to.  To this end, being an undeclared major provides a safe and open medium to explore your options and find which passion you wish to pursue.  Many of the lower division course here at UC Merced try and introduce new students to the wonders of the research or humanities world - courses like CORE, which offer students a taste of many different proffessions and study regions in one semester.

Choosing a Major

It is a common pitfall to apply for a major that grants you the highest earning income, or the most probable to achieve a job. Alternatively, students who find the most success out of their majors and for the rest of their lives choose majors based on what they're passionate about. Questions like "What can this degree do for me" should take a backseat to "What do I enjoy doing" or "Which major interests me the most?" Often times, interests in a particular field of study is motivation enough to achieve high academic standing within that major, which in turn lead to good careers, high income, and overall happiness.  Visit Career Services in SSB 230 for more information about careers.

Majors and careers do not always have a direct relationship. It is not uncommon that people will pursue careers and lifestyles that take a tangent to their major.  A major is just one aspect of a person that you offer an employer. Employers look for a combination of qualifications, evaluating candidates on a number of factors, including attitude, related experience, achievements, extra-curricular involvement, leadership, communication abilities and transferable and adaptive skills. To look at the list of UC Merced Majors and Minors, click here.

General Education Information

General Education Requirements

University Requirements include meeting the UC Entry Level Writing and American History and Institutions requirements. There are several ways to satisfy these before arriving on campus, described in the UC Merced General Catalog and on the Admissions website.

Campus Requirements include College Reading and Composition (WRI 10), a quantitative reasoning course, and the CORE Course sequence.

School Requirements details can be found in the UC Merced General Catalog or if you click on the individual links below.

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