Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Contacting Undeclared Advisors

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Declaring a Major (Updated for 2015-16!)

  • Students must declare their major by their junior year.
  • Students must complete the Major/Minor Change form and submit it to the advisor or their intended major. This form should be submitted in the first three weeks of the semester. Learn More »
  • Note, students wanting to declare in the School of Natural Sciences, MUST also submit the "Graduation Planner", along with the Major Change form.
  • Students must meet the following requirements in order to declare (refer to chart below):


C- or better in MATH 21
2.0 GPA or better

Natural Sciences

C- or better in MATH 5, 11 or 21
C- or better in CHEM 1 or 2
2.0 GPA or better


2.0 GPA or better

  • Students who have been DEMAJORED from their declared majored must earn a C- or better in all lower division requirements for their intended school/major before they can declare a major. For questions about this requirement, contact your Undeclared advisor.

Enrollment in Excess Units (more than 18)

In order to register for more than 18 units, students must submit a written request via email to their Undeclared advisor or submit an override request. Students may request enrollment in excess units if they meet the following criteria:

  • cumulative 3.0 GPA or better
  • 3.3 GPA in most recent Fall/Spring semester
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing

Enrollment in Excess Units for Summer Sessions

Students are advised to take no more than 12 units during Summer Session. Units above the maximum advisable amount are allowed only with permission of a students' academic advisor. Students on Academic Probation must not exceed 8 units. To request excess units during summer sessions, please email your advisor or submit an override request.

Course Prerequisites

Many upper division or major courses require prerequisites. A prerequisite override may be requested if the student has either

  • Met the pre-req with AP or Placement Exam scores; or
  • Completed the pre-req course at a community college or other institution. Proof documentation will need to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

To submit a prerequisite override, email your academic advisor or submit an override request.

Repeating Courses

First-time repeats can be requested through email to your academic advisor, or via override request. Subsequent repeats of the same course must be requested through submitting a Subsequent Repeat Request Form. Students may request to repeat a maximum of 4 courses. If students have reached the maximum number of course repeats, they may continue attempting the course at another institution.  If a student cannot pass a course after this many subsequent attempts, however, it is strongly recommended that these students choose another major.

  • Courses passed with C- or greater cannot be repeated.
  • Exceptions to this policy are rare, and you may request an exception by submitting a Petition of Academic Policy to your Undeclared Academic Advisor.

Intercampus Visitor Program

Students seeking to participate in the UC Intercampus Visitor Program should be declared in a major. Strong preference is given to declared students, because any courses taken at another UC should count toward a student's degree. Course articulation is determined by the schools (SSHA, Natural Sciences, and Engineering) not Undeclared Advising. Undeclared students are discouraged from participating in this program until they have declared a major.

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